What does it really mean to be seen?

To take up space?

To be a self?

This workshop is an experience in identity, it is a deep bright dive into remembering who we were, who we are and who we will be.

This workshop is an opportunity to play in the realm of self-love, an opportunity to see what we really see when we are able to receive ourselves fully.

This workshop is for those of us who either secretly or *out-loud* find ourselves fascinated, pained, intrigued or pulled towards seeing ourselves with more clarity, with more truth, with more grace and with more love.


Know this…. You are beautiful. You are magic. You are art.

I guarantee it.

Maybe you already do know this – fantastic! Let’s celebrate, create and explore together.

Maybe somewhere along the lines you were told, directly or indirectly, that you were too dark or too pale, too thin or too large, too cranky looking or too cheery, or that maybe you should just put on a little lipstick and smile more often and *then* you could be so pretty and *then* you could be you.

Maybe you live in the both / and of these stories.

Let’s create a new narrative. Let’s create a space together, that can become a space within you that exists purely for the purpose of seeing you fully – truthfully – wholly and as holy. A place of stable, constant self-love.

I’ve photographed 100’s of people and there is yet to be one person who steps in front of my lens and doesn’t mesmerize me with their unique beauty. True story.

And yet, my relationship with seeing myself has been different, often convoluted and occasionally straight up cruel. I’ve spent decades learning, healing and working to uncover a kinder, truer and more effective way to see myself.

This is bold, brave, beautiful work. When we can see ourselves truthfully, with clarity and acceptance of the shadow and the bright, when we can find our own beauty and source energy and creative fuel from there… We are armed with something unshakable, we are *in* the experience of self-love and therefore we act from that place and I believe this place is the place from which we can truly make change. Have impact. Be an intentional self.

In this workshop we will use cameras and photography to explore and discover, and even call-in, all of our parts. We will seek to experience the whole of ourselves through imagery. We will play and experiment and we will practice trusting the creative process.

We will commune and converse and make photos and participate in practices and exercises designed to nurture and nourish.

Mostly we will explore who we are in this moment, how she came to be and who we think she is becoming.


D E T A I L S 

Costa Mesa, California

October 15th, 2017

What to bring: 
camera of any kind, notebook and pen & laptop or whatever you like to write with.

snacks || drinks || absolute support


I am a professional photographer, *unlikely* creative and non-writer who frequently puts pen to page (or fingers to keys). My work is about receiving and reflecting the beauty I see back to the world and about supporting others in doing the same. I believe beauty is an expression of life’s longing for itself, I believe real beauty is a call of hope and can fuel our mission and spirit and I believe some of the most beautiful moments are right in front of us, accessible, mundane and magical. This work is a practice of observation, presence, intuition and creative risk-taking. And I love sharing these practices with you. I know that creativity and beauty are the medicine our world needs, right now. And maybe it starts with us – with being able to see and receive our own beauty – with being able to look wholeheartedly at who we are (including what we look like), with being able to meet our own gaze and not shrink back, with accessing the bottomless well of grace that exists within us and being bathed in that grace each and every time we see ourselves and allow ourselves to be seen.

My past includes work as a doula, nutritional coach, intuitive brand and business consultant, bodyworker, art director, and Waldorf kindergarten teacher. I am a re-partnered single mama, a survivor of severe childhood and adolescent trauma and I live joyfully and successfully with Complex PTSD. All of these experiences inform my work. Currently I teach classes and workshops on-line and in person (both in and out of a school classroom), I offer photo sessions that create opportunity for deeper liberation and celebration of the self, that support the important work you’re doing in the world (paid or unpaid), and that create legacy worthy images that tell the story of your important existence so that both your future self and your future generations will have access to all that is true for you right now.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work and play with you. Investing in ourselves in this way is powerful, necessary magic.

Much love,



I want to share an extra special invitation to participate in a full weekend of story making through words and images.

My dear friend and creative partner MaryBeth Bonfiglio is offering a one day writing workshop the day before my photography workshop. The theme of the writing beautifully compliments the work we’ll be doing in our workshop time together. MaryBeth is an incredible guide and gorgeous writer. I truly can’t recommend any opportunity to work with her enough. If you’d like to do both workshops we have a deal for you. Check out MaryBeth’s website if you’d like more details but here’s a little peek into what she’s saying about her upcoming Blood + Belonging workshop:

“I am thrilled to be holding a one day workshop in sunny, stunning, complex southern California. I actually lived in SoCal for a decade, received my MFA {well almost} there, owned my first business in LA, and gave birth to my first daughter in the middle of a September heatwave.  It will always be a home to me, and I will always have a belonging to the coast and the waters and the smell of the jasmine. The smoky air of the fall and the jumping heat of the summer, the burst of wild green fennel in the spring and winters that still keep you warm.  There is nowhere else like it, really.  So I am honored to gather with you in this beautiful region. I am humbled to hold space for your stories, to hold space and fully support you as you write them, and to instigate new conversation, new art, new legacies, and new imprints to pass on. All while pulling from, pushing into, and questioning where we have come from, who we are, and what does it mean to be alive, to be/long/ing to be here more fully, in deeper quest of understanding everything in the universe. 

Excited to be with you, in words, in stories, in meaning, in belonging,  in hope, in love, in art.”

MaryBeth and I have been friends and co-creators for almost 6 years. We were two of the three founders behind Amulet Magazine, have spent endless hours parenting each other and each other’s kids, exploring art, conversation, and better ways of living. I am super excited to have our workshops side by side and to be able to use my home for some good times. We would love to invite those of you who come to both days to a community style dinner prepared for you.  If you want to write, make art, commune and nourish together, let me know!

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