Beauty matters.

Beauty is how we celebrate the real, beauty is how we recover.

Beauty takes our breath away just so we’ll pause long enough to deepen our breath… to slow down and really see, to get present to right now. Before right now becomes back then.

The antidote to overwhelm, confusion and disconnection …  is everyday beauty.

  • We all know that creativity is an essential ingredient of wholehearted living … yet we let it fall to the bottom of our To Do lists. We need an accessible portal into everyday magic.
  • When you have To Dos coming out of your ears, a single sonata can transport you home, to your heart.
  • When you or your friends are in political and (possibly necessary) civil war – pausing to capture the strange beauty of that hummingbird nest can make you feel whole again and fortify you so you can indeed fight the fights that need to be fought.

Tragically, it’s when we feel too busy for creative indulgences that we need them the most.

What’s Included:

  • 22 days of tiny-and-potent creative prompts and invocations to help you recognize, document, and revere the ordinary magic all ‘round you.
  • Prompts include simple yet powerful photo, writing, and reflective inspiration appropriate for creatives and non-creatives, alike (because really there’s no such thing as a non-creative).
  • Short opening call with Danielle and the Behold community to open our circle and set our intentions. {Virtual}
  • Short closing call with Danielle and the Behold community to reflect, integrate, close our circle and move forward with a blessing. I will also share some “what’s next” options for how you might want to use what you’ve created on this journey together.{Virtual} 
  • {Optional Addition} Private Seeing Session with Danielle (see below)


22 Days of Ordinary Magic

A Virtual Immersion to Nourish your Creative Flow

June 1st to June 22nd, 2017


There’s nothing more magical & mystical than the mundane.

If you’ve ever observed the lifecycle of a dandelion you’ll never again question why we blow on their fluff to let our wishes take flight.

If you’ve ever *read* your twisted morning sheets like clouds in the sky, letting them tell you the whole story of last night, then you’ve tasted the power and profundity of ordinary magic.

But it takes practice and patience and mindfulness to recognize and receive this ordinary magic and to spin it into something more, to take it all the way *in* like an offering laid at our feet, there to replenish and inspire us.

That’s why minuscule, daily practices are so potent.

Creativity is rocket fuel for your Bigness.

Inspiration doesn’t strike as we sweat bullets over our keyboards.

It whispers to us on meditative walks, seeps in during moments of shower clarity, and washes over us when we take an extra moment to pluck edible flowers for a dinner garnish, leaving a piece of our hair as a thank you gift to the plant who so generously offers us her bounty.

When we start making time for creativity, it has a ripple effect throughout every area of our lives, from our relationships to our business and just maybe to the whole world.

{Optional Addition}: Experience a Private Seeing Session with Danielle

When you select this option, you and I will meet privately (via phone or video call) for a 1-hour session which may include:

  • Guidance on birthing your next creative project (from a new business offering to that book of poetry to a photography project to a new relationship with yourself)
  • Reflection and feedback regarding your work in this course
  • Coaching and support for your relationship to creativity and wellness

You don’t have to “be an artist” to behold beauty.

In fact, it breaks my heart when people tell me they don’t make photos because they’re “just not creative” or never write because they “they’re not writers.”

Creativity is something we’re all born with. It’s in our biology. But whether or not we use it, that’s, something we get to choose.

And each time we do, we conjure a little more, a little deeper, a little grander creativity.

Connect with your own creative potency.

We all feel stuck, dried up, or short on inspiration, sometimes.

Stop cursing your Muse for abandoning you, instead learn to gift her with offerings of trust, space, quiet and deep self love. 

Plunge into your own creative flow by opening your heart, opening your eyes, and receiving the aching beauty all around you.

Receive creative prompts so tiny, they won’t trigger your Inner Resistance.

Because the last thing you need is another Thing To Do.

Creativity despises obligation. But it adores devotion.

Each of these 22 bite-sized creative prompts fall into that sweet spot of do-able discipline.

Sharpen your intuitive vision.

Your life is brimming with ordinary (and spectacular) oracles … if you can see them.

Learn to recognize the signs before you and co-create with Wisdom.

This is how we dance between the worlds … and conjure our own magic.

What to Expect:

  • Enjoy more creative vibrancy (no matter how stuck you feel now)
  • Harness our most accessible media (photography and writing) to begin or re-start a simple, nourishing creative practice
  • Tap into the the medicine of nature
  • Cultivate a stronger relationship with your Inner Artist
  • Attune with what your life is asking of you, and telling you, right now
  • Learn to recognize the beauty within the mundane, messy, hard and ordinary
  • Reconnect with a more timeless pace and space
  • Become more mindful and present to the everyday magic around you
  • Hone your intuition and recognize the oracles within your daily life
  • Explore how you see the world and ways you may want to shift and celebrate your vision
  • Identify your own personal talismans, omens, and artifacts.

About Danielle Cohen

As a professional photographer, reluctant creative and non-writer who frequently puts pen to page (or fingers to keys) I know how powerful and transformative this process can be. My work is all about reflecting the beauty I see back to the world. It’s a practice of observation, presence, intuition and creative risk-taking. And this is what I’d love to share with you. Because I know that creativity and beauty are the medicine our world needs, right now. And we all have the capacity to conjure beauty … when we relax into the art of seeing. This is the intersection of art and healing, the pragmatic and the mystical. I can’t wait to meet you there. 

Wise Questions & Answers

Q: But I’m already SO busy, do I really have time for this course?

A: Most likely yes. In fact, you may even find your time expanding through this process. Everysinglething this course will ask you to do can be done in 15 minutes a day. On your phone, if you like.

Q: But what if I’m not a photographer/writer/creative genius?

A: But you are a seer. We all are. And you do have stories to tell. We all do. And you are walking around with creative energy that wants to be spent. We all are. This course isn’t about being a photographer … it’s about offering you the opportunity to see how you see your world, celebrate it, shift it, share it if you like, and attune it to Wisdom and Beauty and Truth.

Q: Why only $22? What gives?

A: I prefer “affordable and accessible.” Because I firmly believe this is the medicine our world needs, now. And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES to your creativity.

Q: What if I can’t make the Opening and Closing Circles live?

A: They’ll be recorded and sent to you, so you can enjoy at your leisure.

Imagine feeling more creative, more inspired, more at ease and in flow with life…

This class, these simple yet powerful prompts and practices are designed to support exactly that experience.

And realize that whatever you wish to create … creativity begets creativity begets creation.

The more attuned to your creative process you are, the more effective and vivacious you can become … in every area of your life.

We are the meaning-makers of our lives.

Learn to read the everyday miracles unfolding all around you… as you relax into the art of seeing.

Join me if it feels right…

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