Beauty is NOT superfluous.

Beauty is NOT the limited, limiting and often harmful, overly glossed package that we have been sold.

When life has you stressed and stiff, remembering to light that beeswax candle and breathe in its sweet scent will bring you home to your heart. Sitting with the flame for just a minute, a little Zero7 in the background and you may just unload 50 lbs off your shoulders and taking a photo of that moment…. Well, that’s just exponential healing possibility.

When you’re sobbing in the middle of the cereal aisle (and maybe don’t even know why), it’s a toddler’s bell ringing giggle that will remind you: there’s still magic in your world.

And when your newsfeed feels like a civil war, and you’re trying to fight the fight but you’ve just got nothing left in that moment, it’s pausing to snap a picture of that wish ready dandelion that will make you feel whole again. Ready again.

This is medicine.

For so long this type of practice felt either too simple or too *light* for me to talk about, or teach… I had a story running that said it wasn’t enough. How ironic. How many times does “not enough” sabotage us? Seeking, noticing, and craving beauty, was my own sort of “guilty pleasure” except really, it was and is so much more.


Beauty is balm for the soul.

It calms frayed nerves.

Cracks us open to hope in moments of chaos and despair.

And satisfies a far, far deeper craving than our habitual, go-to quick hits of pleasure. (Don’t get me wrong, I love a good night of binge watching This is Us or chomping homemade chocolate chip cookies, but generally speaking my body and soul are much happier when my beholding beauty practice is my primary indulgence.)

Yet tragically, we let beauty finding, tumble to the bottom of our To Do lists. (If it even makes it on there). And it’s when we feel too busy, too desparing, too spent, for creative indulgences that we usually need them the most.

There’s nothing more magical & mystical than the mundane.

The transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly. The gentle landscape of world-worn cracks on the back of your father’s hand as he holds his beloved book. The twisted sheets that tell the story of last night. The way she twirls her hair while listening intently to your story. 

The nuances, the subtleties, and even the daily miracles like sunsets and sunrises (I mean everysingleday without any prompting or reminding). We are surrounded by beauty. Taking moments to breathe her in, is one more active way to meditate.

You don’t need a first class ticket to the islands or a personal shaman to lead you to beauty. You just need a few mindful moments a day.

Because beauty isn’t about finding new things to see. It’s about finding new ways to see things.

It takes a little practice and patience. It takes learning … to behold.

Join me for this special, 21-day immersion and get the encouragement, teaching, support, and inspiration you need to create a simple, daily devotional practice of and to beauty.


21 Days of Ordinary Magic

September 18 – October 9

A creative immersion into words, images, and rest.

Each day, you’ll receive a do-able daily practice, inspiring bit of art, creative prompt, story, mini-ritual, or invocation.

Simple. Rich. Crafted with wisdom and love to open your eyes, heart, and creative flow.


Beauty has been my guide for years. Let me show you my favorite portals to her.


Inhale, exhale. Be held, give back. Soak up beauty (from me and from your world) … and translate it into tangible (do-able) creative moments.


Source encouragement and support from a kindred group of creative adventurers, all tenderly exploring this landscape with you.

For artists and non-artists. (Because there’s no such thing as a non-artist.)

It breaks my heart when people tell me they don’t take photos because they’re “just not creative” or never write because they “didn’t get the artist gene.”

We are born creative beings. It’s what we do with it, how we hone, practice and develop our creativity that matters most.

Prompts and invitations small and do-able enough, they won’t trigger your Inner Saboteur (well ok, they may trigger her but she’ll have very little material to work with).

Because beauty adores devotion … but despises obligation.

And the last thing you need is another e-course getting dusty in your inbox (and making you feel bad about yourself).

This is all about do-able devotion.

And if you fall behind? There’s space for that, too. With inspiration to spare.

Learn to create even when your Muse is on vaycay.

We all feel stuck, dried up, or short on inspiration, sometimes.

Stop cursing your Muse for abandoning you.

Plunge into your own creative flow by opening your heart, opening your eyes, and learning to behold ordinary beauty.

It’s there, I promise. And seeing it? Changes everything.

What to Expect:

  • Learn small, do-able ways to soothe your nerves through beauty.
  • Unblock your creative vibrancy.
  • Harness accessible forms (photos and writing) to start or re-start a simple, nourishing creative practice.
  • Connect with the medicine of nature, the season, and cycles.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your Inner Artist
  • Find surprising sources of ordinary beauty all around you
  • Reconnect to a sense of childlike wonder and enthusiasm
  • Attune with what your life is asking of you, right now
  • Slow down and enjoy a more timeless (s)pace
  • Identify your own personal talismans, omens, and artifacts.
  • Sharpen your intuitive wisdom and recognize the oracles in your daily life

What’s Included:

  • 21 tiny-but-potent daily emails. Creative prompts, mini-rituals, stories, and invocations to help you recognize, capture, and revere the ordinary magic all ‘round you.
  • Explorations of images, words, and ritual. Appropriate for artists and non-artists, alike (because there’s no such thing as a non-artist).
  • Private Facebook group to share your process, insights, and miniature masterworks.

Beauty begets beauty begets beauty.

When we make time for tiny creative rituals, it has a ripple effect throughout every area of our lives: from relationships to business.

Because inspiration doesn’t strike as we sweat bullets over our keyboards. It seeps in slowly. Through meditative photo walks and appreciative sighs.

Creativity is rocket fuel for your Bigness.

About Danielle Cohen

I am a professional photographer, *unlikely* creative and non-writer who frequently puts pen to page (or fingers to keys). My work is about receiving and reflecting the beauty I see back to the world and supporting others in doing the same. I believe beauty is an expression of life’s longing for itself, a call of hope, and fuel for our mission. I know that creativity and beauty are the medicine our world needs, right now.

My past includes work as a doula, nutritional coach, intuitive brand and business consultant, bodyworker, art director,  Waldorf kindergarten teacher, and magazine publisher. I am a re-partnered single mama, a survivor of severe childhood and adolescent trauma and I live joyfully and successfully with Complex PTSD. All of these experiences inform my work. My photography sessions and workshops support the important work you’re doing in the world (paid or unpaid) and create legacy-worthy images.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work and play with you. Investing in ourselves in this way is powerful, necessary magic.

Much love,


Wise Questions & Answers

Q: Surely I’m too busy for this, yes?

A: Most likely not. Everysinglething this course will ask you to do can be done in 15 minutes a day. On your phone, if you like. Plus? You *might* find your time multiplying when you start slowing down.

Q: What if I’m not a photographer/writer/creative genius?

A: That’s OK. Because you are a seer. This course isn’t about being a photographer … it’s about offering you the opportunity to see how you see your world, shift it, and attune it to Wisdom and Beauty and Truth.

Q: How is this different from the Behold course you shared several months ago?

A: That was a, beta-version. My wonderful participants were so enthusiastic, they inspired me to offer this: a fuller, richer, more polished version. This course includes the best of the first one, but has also been shaped and refined by the initial feedback to make it more accessible and potent. (If you were in the first Behold, I’ve sent you a special invited you to join this new version. You should’ve received your invite, but if it got hijacked by internet gremlins, just email me at and I’ll hook you up!)

Unused creativity is not benign.”

~ Brené Brown

Add a private Seeing Session with Danielle

Here’s the secret I’ve hidden for years: I’m not just a photographer. I’m also a healer, an intuitive, and a guide. I’d love to use these gifts to help you connect even more deeply with your creative flow — and whatever it’s asking of you, right now.

For the moment, only Behold participants can book me for Seeing Sessions, in which you and I will meet privately (via phone or Skype) for an hour-long deep dive into whatever’s “up” for your creative flow, right now. That might include:

  • Guidance on birthing your creative project (a new business offering, book of poetry, or new version of yourself)
  • Reflection/feedback on your work in this course
  • Coaching & support for your relationship to creativity, and beauty
  • Tarot or oracular reading upon something specific in your life
  • Energy work on something you’re trying to manifest, release or create.

Praise for Behold

“A little delicious daily treat just for you!” – NH

“Her insights about life are inspiring and woke up deeper ways of seeing for me and being in life.” – Helena Gorka

“Definitely invest in this easy to integrate experience…you’ll walk away with heart opening prompts and gentle invitations to connect with your own creativity in new ways. Behold helps you see the beauty of your life experience with fresh eyes and reconnect with the magic of being. Absolutely worth it.” TF


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