May your bloom be super!

Oh sweet spring, it’s so nice to be in the experience of you! This time of year always feels so mixed to me - the promise of warm, of new life and refreshed energy and also the realities of those bonus cold and gray days, and the tired - ooooh the tired!  I guess it...

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Vasalisa the Brave + Baba Yaga

Today was a beautifully *normal* kind of day. my kids have the week off from school and there was just lots of not a whole lot, and still plenty that filled our house today.   Dishes and laundry were done, music was played and practiced, a couple of emails were sent,...

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MLK Celebration Second Baptist Church Santa Ana

I had the honor of attending and photographing a powerful Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Second Baptist Church in Santa Ana. As much as I wish I could recreate the day for you, show you and let you feel every word, every song, every hand hold and hug, I'm...

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What I Learned at the OC Women’s March #whyimarch

I'm not there yet with words to describe what I witnessed this weekend, so for now - photos, lots of them. To see even more you can click here and view my full gallery of images from the day and if you recognize yourself in any of these and would like to have the...

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Learn how to better use your camera

We both hear it from our friends and clients all the time. “I have a great camera, I just don’t know how to use it.” or “My pictures never turn out the way I think they will” or “I love photography so much but I want to reach a new level of great.” or sadly, “I don’t...

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trust yourself

maybe the same intelligence that tells the sun when to set - when to rise, the same intelligence that breathes you without you having to think about it, the same intelligence that guides the flower to seek the light, to bend with the wind, to grow and bloom and fully...

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"You’ll see when you’re 83."

He says it more and more these days. "I think I'm dying." or "It's not easy getting old." but his more and more is still pretty seldom. He's strong, adaptable and just such a good man. Heart disease has taken so many pleasures from him and he just keeps adapting. 10...

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Royal. Real. Raw. a Photo Session with MaryBeth Bonfiglio

         the words are still coming or maybe not, maybe they're not mine at all. maybe there are just too many things to say. here's what i do know.... she is lover and sister, warrior, mother, holder of much and one who surrenders fully to the mystery. she is the...

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