How to decide if now is the right time to be photographed.

I grew up with a beautiful mom, unequivocally gorgeous, with not a drop of “mom” look about her. Chocolate brown hair down to her waist, olive skin, big gold hoops and even bigger amazing curves in all the right places. When I was little, I couldn’t wait to get my...

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Comfort & Joy

It’s a funny thing, I wrote this piece a month ago - when all things *holiday* were feeling premature…. And now here I am in the midst of “the season” (is it seriously already December 12th??) and I’m just now publishing it. Which really is just perfect and sort of...

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Briana Saussy ::: Spinning Gold

As part of my promise to shine the light on some of the incredible people I work with, let me introduce you to Briana Saussy. Mother, modern mystic, and teacher of Sacred Arts. Recently, Bri and I chose to meet in the enchanting town, Santa Fe to photograph her for...

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Be seen session ::: Jivan Jackson

In the realm of work, He's a fitness expert, entrepreneur, referee, and model. Photographers pay him so they can make photos with him as their subject, people follow him so they can be fed bits of motivation and inspiration, brands hire him to wear their products, his...

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May your bloom be super!

Oh sweet spring, it’s so nice to be in the experience of you! This time of year always feels so mixed to me - the promise of warm, of new life and refreshed energy and also the realities of those bonus cold and gray days, and the tired - ooooh the tired!  I guess it...

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Vasalisa the Brave + Baba Yaga

Today was a beautifully *normal* kind of day. my kids have the week off from school and there was just lots of not a whole lot, and still plenty that filled our house today.   Dishes and laundry were done, music was played and practiced, a couple of emails were sent,...

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