real. relaxed. radiant. nothing forced or fake. just love.

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Sessions for business owners

You are building or revamping your website. Launching a new program. Pitching a publisher. Getting ready to raise your rates. Or going after a big opportunity.

You’ve got big vision, a new direction, maybe a new — or refined — message that you want to deliver to the world.

Your work is important, valuable, an act of service and love.

This is you: leveling up. Showing up in a bigger way. Full bloom.

It’s time to get photos that look like who you are becoming — not who you’ve been {as beautiful as I’m sure she was}.

Let’s capture the strongest, most powerful, confident and drop-dead stunning version of you.


Book your session

To set up your session, please send me a note and say, “Hey Danielle! I want to do a photo session for my business!”

Want to get some photos of your books or products, while we’re at it? Let me know, I’m so in to it!

I’ll write back to propose a few dates for us to chat— and away we go!

I can’t wait to connect with you and capture you looking your absolute best!



​”When I came to Danielle for a branding session, I was not comfortable in front of the camera at all. But I knew that having professional photos for my marketing materials would help me reach my business goals, and I knew this could be a confidence-building exercise for me personally, as well. The photos Danielle took of me were stunning, and after our session I had such a burst of creative energy that I outlined a brand-new offering for my business within 24 hours. Hire her if you want to be seen in a supportive way and get gorgeous images that help you to connect with your clients and customers.”

Anna Ottman

“Dani is the whole package: rock solid and intuitive, sharp with vision and a heart the size of oceans. Her capacity to see is kaleidoscope brilliance, how things i thought to be disjointed in me were in fact just different facets of some kind of light. It was the light she saw. And after that, my own experience of myself and being here in this world was shifted and made new.  The truth is, you can trust her. And this is perhaps the foundation of all the beautiful things that come after.”

Isabel Abbott

“I adore Danielle Cohen’s work ~ she captures the true soul of each of her subjects cornering your heart with a one two punch. There is something so wonderfully subtle and pure about the way that Danielle uses her lens ~ you can tell she absolutely ‘sees’  her subjects and feels a genuine calling to capture their unique essence and summon it into the light.  In every portrait the exchange of energy hums as if they are standing in your living room.  You swear you are having a conversation with them and have known these beautiful people forever – and the universe is a more magnificent place for their presence. Having had the honor to be captured by her poetic eye I can attest to the graceful way she made me feel wonderfully at ease.  Danielle is playful and intuitive and pours herself into a connection with everyone that crosses her path creating images that are holy, beautiful and astonishingly alive.”

Madelyn Mulvaney

'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?

- Marianne Williamson
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