real. relaxed. radiant. nothing forced or fake. just love.

Sessions for Love Stories

You and your sweetheart. Relaxing. Tying his tie. Zipping her dress. Hugging. Walking. Kissing. Dishing up pasta. Sipping coffee. Spooning. Snuggling. Just being… you.

Your love is powerful, important and so worth celebrating. I love engagements and milestones as much as anyone but I also adore the in-between times, the gritty times and even the just got over a rough patch times.

Because love.

Want to get glammed up in your black tie finery? Gorgeous.

Want a soft, intimate, Sunday morning PJs and pancakes kind of session? Perfection.

Want to stoke the embers still quietly burning between you two? Fabulous.

However you two lovebirds want to be photographed — whatever vision you’ve got — that’s exactly what we’ll do. And if you’re feeling compelled to do a session but your vision is fuzzy, I’ve got you covered. Let’s talk and we’ll create the perfect scenario for you love story to unfold.

These sessions can be so incredibly transformative and the photos from them are treasures that you’ll be flipping through one, ten, thirty years from today. “Remember when? Yeah. That was good. Still is. Love you more than ever.

Sessions begin at $1000


Thank you thank you thank you for your time last week. It was like you took this dream I had and made it true – and even if all the photos get lost in some crazy data disaster – the experience alone was SO worth it.

For the first time in months, I think we just remembered what it felt like to be in love, and feel beautiful and whole and happy, but without denying all the heavy shit we’ve been dealing with. And you were so warm and unflinching that I felt open in a way I didn’t think was possible with a “stranger”.

I was so terrified setting this up with you – that it would be awkward, that we couldn’t afford it, that my expectations would be crushed. And mostly, that we didn’t deserve something beautiful.

Damn. You blew our minds. I literally can’t thank you enough.


Emma Patte

'Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.'

- Rumi
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