real. relaxed. radiant. nothing forced or fake. just love.

Teen sessions

School yearbook photos… have a tendency to kind of suck. That awkward, forced head-chin-tilt thing? That’s so not your style.

I offer a different kind of photo experience for teenagers and young adults. No posing. No rigidity. Just you, being you. Living, moving and laughing wherever you want to be

Photos of you catching a wave on your surfboard… hanging out in your bedroom… working on your blog… practicing yoga, dance or soccer… cooking… rocking out with your band… hiking… or being quiet and still, dreamily lost in thought…

Whatever you love to do — whoever you are, deep inside — that’s the person that I want to capture.

Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now? You’ll be so grateful that someone captured this precious moment in your life. (Parents? You’ll be grateful to have these images, too.)


“Thank you for this, it was such a healing experience to have you show our life and love through your beautiful photos. It was our first time having professional photos taken of us and our family. It truly means the world to us that you were the first to liberate our Love Story.”

Lindsay Luna

'Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment.'

- Aaron Sussman
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