We both hear it from our friends and clients all the time. “I have a great camera, I just don’t know how to use it.” or “My pictures never turn out the way I think they will” or “I love photography so much but I want to reach a new level of great.” or sadly, “I don’t even bother with my camera anymore, I mean I wish I could capture the bits of fleeting magic I see around me on a daily basis but I just don’t feel artistic enough to do it.” and of course  “Will you help me?”

The answer is – yes, we’d love to. We both have our own stories of how photography enhances our lives and we want to share what we know about how to take great photos with you.

So who is the other half of this sweet we story?

Grab a little something to sip on (if you’d like) and I’ll tell you a story of friendship and creative kismet.

It started well over a year ago when somehow (I’m not really even sure anymore how) I found myself sitting at a cute little coffee shop just blocks from my then home, on a first “friend date” with a true kindred.

I knew Tracey Clark in the online spaces and knew lots of bits about her like the fact that she’s  a published author (she has several fabulous photography books), a renowned teacher and an adored photographer but I really didn’t know much more about her before that day.

As much as I love and appreciate all that the interwebs do for us, there’s nothing like coming together in real life. After sitting there with her those couple of hours I learned everything I needed to know to be sure that she was a remarkable, talented, creative woman that I wanted in my life.

Not too long after that Tracey and I began a practice of spending several hours a week, putting our heads and hearts together to see what kind of creative magic we could make.

After much thought and many, many conversations we decided that we were ready to invite people in to share in some of this potent magic and that the best way to (first) do this, was to host a local photography series.

As busy and very involved mama’s that have first hand experience of juggling our kids schedules, our own work needs, self care, other friend and family time and a deep devotion to living a creative life we get how important it is that we create something that truly adds to your life and not just your schedule. We wanted to offer something that was accessible, fulfilling, and useful.

And with a sweet mix of work, play and magic – Photography for the Journey Thursday morning series was born.

Part women’s circle, part creative photography workshop, we spent our time together feeding our souls, restoring our senses and infusing our creative hearts with inspired bits of wisdom, knowledge and permission to express in our own unique way all while forging meaningful new friendships, building serious camera skills and having a great time!

We ran circles from September until just a week or so ago and they were such a sweet success!

We know that not everyone can make it on a weekday morning so we’ve created something for those of you who want to stoke your creative fires and learn how to use your camera to take the kind of photos you want to take.

Photography for the Journey (Me + Tracey) is offering two all day Saturday workshops this January. One in Orange County CA, on February 25th and one in Portland OR, on April 1st. We’ll spend the day exploring and discovering the magic of composition as well as the power of mastering the technical side of your camera.

You’ll spend the day fed and filled with inspiring “a-ha” moments. Our approach is extremely accessible, useful and fun! We’ll get you out of auto mode and help you tap into your own natural ability to “see” your world through your lens.

Whether you come to our workshop, read your manual or watch youtube tutorials (I promise a day with us will be the most fun of the three) – I invite you to befriend your “big” camera.  Learn what it needs from you in order to empower you to take creative risks, document your beautiful life and be a vehicle for your own unique expression. You’ve invested in the camera, it’s time to invest in the skills. You’ll be so happy you did.


– Danielle


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