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Product sessions

We’ve all had the experience of visiting a website with photos that are just… hmm… no. Not working.

Maybe they are grainy, poorly lit, out of focus, or the wrong size. Maybe they are confusing or just plain unattractive. Maybe they don’t tell a story or really show me anything amazing about the product they’re showcasing.

Feel inspired to purchase and recommend this website to friends? Not particularly.

Don’t let that website be… your website.

Let’s get you rocking with artful and professional images that entice and delight your customers — and reflect the level of care and excellence that you bring to your work.

Whether you make tangible goods and products (food, jewelry, clothes, artwork) or digital items (e-courses, e-books) or a little of both, there is always a way to capture the spirit, essence and benefits of a product through photography.

Let’s show the world what you make — and show every ounce of love that you pour into your work!

Book your session

To set up your session, please send me a note and say, “Hey Danielle! I want to do a product session!”

I’ll write back to propose a few dates — and away we go!

I can’t wait to get started!


– Danielle

'Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment.'

- Aaron Sussman
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