Who says you can’t get work done while restoring in your own *personal* paradise?

Real success feels as good as it looks.

It’s feeling stretched — but never stretched too thin. It’s taking {guilt-free} time for morning oolong and sun salutations before hitting your inbox. It’s exuding enthusiasm when you tell her your elevator pitch — because you’re rested, focused, and totally on fire for this. It’s deep work sessions that have as many belly laughs as breakthroughs. It’s sinking into an epsom salt bath after a busy week and realizing: you don’t feel exhausted. You feel fulfilled. Real success means living your calling … while taking exquisitely good care of yourself.

 And after all: you didn’t start this thing to feel exhausted, average, or just-scraping-by.

You want to be a force for irresistible good in the world. Not only in what you do but in how you do it.

With moxie and time for Sunday morning pancakes.

With a site that welcomes your people while you feel like queen of your domain (because you are).

With the wisdom to know: real success is never at the expense of your self-care.

Even Wonder Woman needs a hot minute sometimes. Especially when she’s on the rise.

Burnout? Been there. Done that. Never again.

When you push-push-push yourself past your limits, you’re not doing your calling (or your clients) any favors.

Don’t fall victim to your mission. Nourish it … while you thrive.

I know. Sometimes, it feels like you have to choose between getting things done and getting the deep rest and recalibration you need to keep kicking ass.

That’s when it’s time to slow down … and remember why you started this whole thing.

That’s when you need someone who’s equal parts healer + branding expert + practical magic-worker. Hi!! That’s me 🙂

And it’s precisely for moments like this that I created Replenish.


A bespoke, 2-day work retreat + photo immersion

For people too passionate to get burnt out (again). For visionaries raring to reconnect to their wholeness. For artists, entrepreneurs, and bad-asses who know that being truly resourced will only serve their calling.

Because your calling and your self-care should feed, not fight each other.

Lavish your work — and your self — with practical luxury.

Replenish is a beautifully personalized retreat to help you:

  • Catch your breath. Recalibrate. Rest. Realign with your brilliance.
  • Shake off doubt and perfectionism and soak up profound wholeness.
  • Free up buckets of energy — and know precisely how to best use them.
  • Feel obscenely proud of your branding photographs — way beyond just headshots.
  • Envision coherent strategy and make space for dream projects.
  • Anchor yourself in your mission (but in a totally sane way).
  • Get clear on what’s draining you, what’s truly exciting you, and what restores you.
  • Unleash that next-level magic that’s bubbling up within you.

Quite simply: you and I will run away together for two luxurious days, curated precisely for you. So you can be revitalized, refocused, and deeply resourced.

You’ll come home rested and replete with a gorgeous library of photographs for your work. All without lifting a finger.

What’s included:

  • Preparatory heart-to-heart. We’ll talk about what’s up in your work (and life), where you’re headed, and what feels like paradise to YOU. Because we aren’t going on any old photo shoot … we’re creating precisely what you need to look and feel amazing. And that means knowing what you love.
  • Two days + one night in your personal paradise. What’s the perfect backdrop for exquisite images and a personal renaissance? As a photographer, branding expert, and healer, I’ll curate the perfect location and experience for you. Maybe you’ll love a luxury hotel overlooking city lights … or a cozy cabin in the redwoods … or even a beachy mini-respite. I’ll set the stage for incredible images and the perfect flavor of restoration for you, at this moment in your life-and-work.
  • Photo Session. You’ll walk away with tons of gorgeous photos of you, of course. But we’ll also talk through upcoming offerings (even dream ones that might show up) so I can create a beautiful library of images for you: all resonant and coherent with your branding and values and voice. Depending on your needs, these may include website, social media, or still life images. The goal? To get you ready to beautifully post, publish, and launch with pride — for a long time.
  • Profound personal care. Hair and makeup? Of course. But you’ll also get what YOU need to feel and look your best. Hot stone massage, acupuncture or mani pedi? A gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, indulgence? Grassfed filet mignon and an earthy French red? One of my favorite things to create is divinely healing experiences. All you have to do is show up and receive.
  • Creative combustions with me. You and I? We’ll go deep. We can do strategy sessions to clarify your mission, branding, big vision, and best-aligned next steps. We can also do intuitive readings, oracular guidance, and energetic clearings. I’m all-in, helping you envision the projects you want to call in, fortify any wobbly boundaries, and unleash next-level magic.
  • A rich-yet-spacious schedule. I’ll hold the space for you to fully unplug and tune in. Sometimes, this means you turning into your luxury bedding at 8PM. Or perhaps you desperately need to get some writing done. I’ll help you strike the right balance of interactive creativity, replenishing solitude, and supportive touchpoints.
  • Closing the circle. After our retreat, you’ll receive your images and a few closing thoughts from me. But mostly, I’ll give you space to bask in your own “whoa, that was incredible” excitement.

Who Am I?

I work with entrepreneurs, lovers, mamas, and regular-extraordinary people on a mission.

My work is about seeing your true beauty … and reflecting it back to you. To the world. To the people who need it.

I believe your photos should look like you, and no one else. So you can claim your own medicine. Call forth new possibilities. And shine a beacon to those who are ready to fall in love with your work.

I’m as much a healer as an artist. I’ve trained in herbalism, massage therapy, nutrition, energetic healing, and as a doula.

But I’ve also spent time in corporate art direction, honing skills in design, photography, and brand consulting.

Now, I’m excited to weave these threads together for you: healing, branding, and photography. I created this exquisitely personalized, intimate immersion to offer you the absolute maximum value, in an integrated, luxurious way.

You won’t just walk away with phenomenal photos. You’ll reconnect to your life’s work. You’ll be truly seen and witnessed. You’ll get the rest and reset you need to fall back in love with your work — and communicate it all with joie de vivre.

Your All-Inclusive Investment: $7,200.

Food, lodging, photo sessions, consults, bodywork — the whole experience (besides the cost of getting here) is covered.

And I’ll handle all the arrangements for you. Because creativity adores surrender.

— Spots for this highly customized experience are extremely limited. — 

How to get started:

Fill out the form below. I’ll respond within 48 hours with more details and an invite to hop on the phone with me to make sure this is a perfect fit for you.

To your wholeness …

Danielle XO

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