A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of photographing a bunch of amazing young people doing their thing up on stage at the House of Blues in Anaheim. The kids started working together only about 3 months ago, under the leadership of Joey Ancona, from the School of Rock in Huntington Beach. Their ages range from 8-16, their experience levels range from first time performers to those who have been on stage multiple times but their heart, enthusiasm and willingness to show up is equal and full out across the board. Even those who had some serious nerves back stage, got up on stage {at the freakin’ House of Blues} in front of 400+ people and totally rocked it!

Very inspirational indeed.

Joey, Larry, Jeff, Alex and Pat are the incredible team of men that make up the SOR HB, if you’re in OC and have a child/teen interested in music, I highly recommend you check them out {they’ve also got a younger child’s and an adult program}!


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