a day-long exploration of photography and tarot


Danielle Cohen and Theresa Reed

A burst of sunlight on a cloudy day.

The rustle of a hawks feathers as it takes flight.

Laughter of children as they run through the sprinklers.

Life is an oracle.

Every day, the Universe sends us signssigns that we often fail to notice.

The symbols may seem random – but theyre not.

Photographers have access to lifes oracular nature because they see everything through the lens of a camera. Tarot readers have access because they know how to distill messages from imagery.

Now imagine this:

A full day to explore photography and tarot – as oracular tools.

Two world-class instructors, gently guiding you to play with your camera and the cards while discovering deep meaning in both.

Photowalks where we search for signs and symbols – and take pictures.

Interpreting your photographs as a group.

Sounds cool?

It is.

And youre going to want to get in on this unique class.

Join photographer Danielle Cohen,

and Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady,

for Through The Tarot Lens,

an immersive photography and tarot intensive 

A full day of creative photography, intuitive hits, and tarot in

everyday settings.

How this day rolls:

Well start out with a meditation and intention setting.

From there, well explore tarot + photography as divinatory tools.

Well pick some cards and head out with our cameras to search for meanings, signs, and symbols in the world around us.

Youll get one-on-one attention from Danielle and Theresa. Well help you explore different ways of looking at the world – and your pictures through an intuitive framework. And well help you to find your own symbols and auguries.

As you continue this work, youll find your connections to the tarot, your camera, and the world around you. More importantly, youll find a deeper connection to your place in the world.

What are your photos saying to you?

What are you revealing about yourself through your work?

We’ll uncover interpretations and what it might mean to you, your life, and the year ahead.

When the class comes to a close, you’ll have pictures that hold deep meaning for you, a better understanding of how divination is part of your everyday life, and a glimpse into tarot as a tool for creative prompts and inner wisdom.

You’ll also walk away with a copy of The Tarot Coloring Book, a gorgeous romp through the tarot for peeps who like to learn experientially.

Plus you’ll make new friends. Oh – and there will be a delicious lunch too. Because creative stuff needs to be well-fed.

If this makes you tingle from head to toe, grab your ticket before they are gone.

Ready to see life through a tarot lens? Click the button below to sign up.


  • A full day of instruction in photography and tarot.
  • A fabulous lunch and snacks.
  • A copy of The Tarot Coloring Book.
  • Plenty of support and love.


  • You love tarot and photography – or are curious about either oneor both
  • You enjoy spending time with creative free spirits
  • Good food and divination are your jam


When: March 9th 2019

Cost: $300

Where: Costa Mesa, CA

Time: 10AM – 4PM


  • A camera or smartphone
  • A tarot deck of your choice (not sure which one to get? Theresa recommends the Rider Waite Smith Tarot, the ultimate classic).
  • Tickets are non-refundable. Shop mindfully. If you cannot make it, you may sell your spot or give it away to someone else.

Meet your instructors

Meet Danielle

Danielle Cohen is a professional photographer, teacher, and non-writer who frequently puts pen to page (or fingers to keys). Her work is about receiving and reflecting the beauty and messages she sees through her eyes and her camera lens, back out to the world and supporting others in doing the same. The lineage of her work is multi-faceted and includes a unique blend of professional experiences and training in the healing arts, teaching, corporate environments and of course photography.

Currently, she offers classes and workshops, personal retreats and photo sessions that create opportunity for deeper liberation and celebration of the self, that support the important work you’re doing in the world (paid or unpaid), and that create legacy worthy images that tell the story of your important existence. Stay in touch with Danielle via her Instagram or Newsletter.

Meet Theresa

Theresa Reed (aka The Tarot Lady) has been a full-time Tarot card reader for close to 30 years. She is the author of The Tarot Coloring Book (Sounds True Publishing), an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot with coloring sheets for every card in the deck. 

In addition to doing private Tarot readings, teaching Tarot classes, and speaking at Tarot conferences, Theresa also runs a popular websiteTheTarotLady.comwhere she dishes out advice, inspiration, and tips for Tarot lovers of all experience levels. 

Follow Theresa on Twitter and Instagram for her daily Six Second Tarot Reading”—plus photos of her extremely handsome cats, TaoZen and Monkey.

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