You are so much more than a brand.

Your business, is a true heart offering. Your work to is the answer to the call of your soul.

What you’re up to makes our world a better place.

My work is to see all of your brilliance, your unique gesture, your exquisite expression – and to reflect this back to you through images that let your perfect clients, your dream collaborators, the people who’s lives you’ll change, the folks who need you – know that they have found just who they’ve been looking for.

I help amazing artists, elite coaches, best-selling authors, creative entrepreneurs, change-agents, spiritual leaders and wellness mavens to be seen in their fullness and totality.

I believe wholeheartedly that the world needs the work you’re up to and that the right photographs will help you to have a massive impact.

How I can help your business soar

  • Full branding sessions
  • Lifestyle product photography
  • Photography for your e-course’s or online program’s
  • Photography session add-on for your retreat attendees (because re-entry can be rough and talismans can keep us rooted in the magic you’ve helped create for them)
  • Workshop or event photography
  • Headshot sessions
  • Custom stock image library creation for your website, newsletters + social media

What to expect during our work together

  • To feel seen from our first conversation all the way through delivery of your photos.
  • To laugh and move and occasionally shed a holy tear or two (don’t worry, we won’t let it mess your mascara).
  • To receive your photos on time and on point.
  • To have plenty of space and time to root into the moment, to find your own natural way of being in front of the camera and to discover the power that exists in the vulnerability of showing up.
  • To feel supported and guided every step of the way.
  • To feel beautiful.
  • To have faith in the process – there’s a lot that goes into our planning, sometimes that will even include a shot list. I love the planning – it’s an essential part of the process, the lists (if we decide they’re needed) are brilliant jumping off points. I also know that there is almost always a bigger, not yet known experience waiting for us. So we make the plans, we set the intentions and then we show up and allow things to be the way they need to be. I will guide us through every step of the way. This is part of what makes our sessions so magical and your images so powerful. I adore this process.

Time + Money

As part of my commitment to showing up potent, vibrant, and “all-in” for each and every one of you, I only book a limited amount of branding sessions per year. I currently have 8 available spots left for 2017.

  • Full branding sessions start at $1800
  • Headshot sessions start at $800
  • Lifestyle product photos starts at $500
  • Custom stock image libraries start at $500
  • Workshop, event and retreat photography are all custom quoted.

*If your work is social justice related, or in someway powerfully focused on making positive change happen and you need my work to help you move forward but money is an issue – please reach out. I am open to creative proposals, payment plans and reduced rates when I it makes sense and I am able.


“Let me start out by saying this: I am not a good photography subject. I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and highly critical of my appearance.  Sitting for a photo session is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world – and I’m lucky if I get one decent shot.  But my experience with Danielle Cohen changed my life. I felt instantly at ease when I walked into our session.  I knew I was in skilled hands immediately.  With her gentle guidance, I was relaxing for the first time in front of the camera – ever.  The results? Stunning. She captured my real spirit in every single shot. I had TOO many pictures to choose from!  If you are looking for a sensitive photographer who will bring out your best, this is your woman.”

Theresa Reed

The Tarot Lady

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