The Vocati Sessions

It’s not just your business, it’s your calling.

The images we create together capture this truth – they must.

Fantastic branding photos aren’t frivolous. They reveal how much you care.

If your website is your front door, your photos are your warm welcome.

They greet your perfect new client with a warm matcha latte and a twinkling smile that says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

They welcome your dream publisher (who somehow stumbled on your site at 2AM), with a confident, “I’m not like all the rest”.

They invite in your entrepreneurial crush (the one you’d LOVE to collaborate with) with a hug and a “hell yes!”

The best photos do more than make an impact. They inspire people to take action.

Like signing up for your New Awesome Thing.

Or writing you an “I knew instantly you were the one” email.

Or sharing your latest blog post.

And they’ve got about 2.7 seconds to pull that off.

That’s why your nephew might not be qualified (though he’s awfully sweet to offer).

That’s why the photos you took 2 years ago can’t leverage you to the next stage.

And that’s why having a photographer who doesn’t just make you look good — but makes you look like YOU — is so crucial.

Hi, I’m Danielle. And I see you.

I’m equal parts photographer, guide, and branding specialist.

I believe photo sessions can feel like healing rites of passage.

I love creating safe spaces for you to truly shine.

Photography is more than snapshots to me. It’s my way of helping people that are doing good in the world have bigger, more potent impact.

That’s how we create unexpected, magnetic photos that showcase your true brilliance to your ideal clients, dream collaborators, and everyone who’s about to fall in love with your work.

By the way? These photos aren’t just for them. They’re first and foremost for you.

Because truly great photos uplift you every time you see them. They reflect your true self, right back atcha. They affirm what you’re doing in the world, fortify your reserves, and inspire you to take those next steps into your calling.

“Let me start out by saying this: I am not a good photography subject. I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and highly critical of my appearance. Sitting for a photo session is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world – and I’m lucky if I get one decent shot. But my experience with Danielle Cohen changed my life. I felt instantly at ease when I walked into our session. I knew I was in skilled hands immediately. With her gentle guidance, I was relaxing for the first time in front of the camera – ever. The results? Stunning. She captured my real spirit in every single shot. I had TOO many pictures to choose from! If you are looking for a sensitive photographer who will bring out your best, this is your woman.”

— Theresa Reed, Founder of The Tarot Lady

The Vocati Sessions

The gist: 2 creative-exciting hours where I’ll create a safe space where together we will make gorgeous photos that up-level your work, embody your values, and reveal what a force you really are.

So you can …

  • Flaunt photos that showcase who you really are and what you care about.
  • Bask in branding photos that aren’t just pretty pictures — they’re mission statements, made visual.
  • Feel polished and professional without sacrificing your personal moxie and magic.
  • Take up your rightful space in the world.
  • Inspire your perfect clients, collaborators, and community to connect with you.
  • Take the next step in making your calling more visible and magnetic.

Ready to get started?

“I had the pleasure of working with Danielle for the first time recently, and I can’t say enough good things about the experience. We only had a couple hours, and Danielle brought the perfect balance of ease, confidence, professionalism, and leadership to the shoot. Her photos from that session became the visual backbone for my new e-course, and I can’t wait to
work with her again!”

— Flora Bowley, Artist and Author

How it works:

  • 15-minute complimentary discovery call so you can hear my voice, give me a snapshot of your vision, and we can both make sure we’re a fabulous fit.
  • 30-minute planning session. We’ll get right to it, planning your session so that together we can create images that reflect who you are and what you’re living into.
  • The big day: your photo session! We’ll typically spend 2 hours together at one or two locations and capture multiple looks. (Hair and makeup will begin 2 hours before our session)
  • Be held and seen. Great photos happen when you feel relaxed and safe. (This is my secret gift!) I’ll help you root into the moment, find your natural way of moving before the camera, and relax into the sweet vulnerability of Showing Up … so you can feel beautiful, brilliant, and true.
  • The big reveal. I spend time after our session thoughtfully culling all of your photos and identifying the ones that tell the truest, most powerful story. Then I artfully edit these and within 3 weeks of our session, you will receive a gallery of 30 gorgeous images fully ready for you to download and use for all of your business needs.

Take the first step

Schedule your complimentary consult call with me … and see if a Vocati session is perfect for you.

Let’s make some magic!

“Anyone can take a photo. Only a pro can show you something about yourself you’d forgotten. A branding and photography master, Danielle understands how to pull those pieces out of you that are longing to be seen, and she does it within the context of how you want to show up with your clients. I’m thrilled with my photos – and I will definitely be back when I need fresh ones.”

— Dusti Arab, CEO of the reinvention co

Excellent questions + answers:

  • Do you do on-location shoots?

Yes, yes, yes! I love getting to see you in your own world and geographic romances feed my soul. I’m also a mama of four and a firm believer in sane, sustainable business — so I only offer a limited number of location shoots per year, reach out now if you’re wanting me to come to you. Additional costs for travel apply.

  • How much is a Vocati Session?

Vocati sessions (including up to two locations) and multiple looks start at $1500. (Hair, make-up, and studio time all have additional costs).

Need more locations, looks, or time? Or want me to travel to you? We can customize an experience just for you. Sessions out of Southern California begin at $2000. And if you’re ready for a luxurious deep-dive, then this is what you really want…

“Danielle Cohen creates gorgeous photos.  But more importantly she makes the entire experience enjoyable.  She knows how to make you relaxed and comfortable so the photos capture who you are and not just what you look like.  She is a true artist.  I highly recommend Danielle as a professional and as a person.  Spending time with her is a gift.”

— Brooke Castillo

Ready to make some magic?

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xo  Danielle

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