I find it impossible not to fall in love with the folks I photograph and now and then I get to photograph a person (or their whole family) that I already adore.

When Jaime first asked me if I would document her birth, it was an absolute full body yes for me, a necessity when making such a big commitment!

4 days before her due date, we sent each other texts at the exact same moment – me reaching out to see how she was doing and her letting me know that her birthing waves had begun and she would keep me posted. About an hour later I had the sense that I should stop by for a visit, so with her invitation, I headed over.

When I got there I pretty quickly got the feeling that things were moving along with some velocity and knowing that it was rush hour and the birthing center was a good 15 miles away, I suggested that we move in that direction. Even though she was in active labor Jaime moved with the same grace, efficiency, and mastery that she carries through her normal daily activities as she began the organizing and arranging of all that needed to be handled in order to head out the door.

There was even a quick visit with soon to be big sister and grandma and within 15 minutes, Jaime, Ben, their fabulous doula Angela and I were headed to the birth center. By the time we got there and were settled in it was only 2 hours from that first text exchange and yet we were already just a little more than an hour away from meeting sweet baby Benjamen.

I don’t think it would have been possible to have more love in that room.

Jaime, Ben, Olivia and little Benjamen… I couldn’t love you more. Your strength, connectedness, beauty, and joy are infectious. Thank you for choosing to have me witness this spectacular moment in your world.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…

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