On location photo sessions custom created for you to capture and reflect back your wild, wise, wonderful self. Lest you ever forget.

I believe that at our core, we are all whole, healed, wild and magical.

When we make time for ourselves, nurture our creative pursuits, care for and honor our bodies for the magical, mysterious vessels they are, we get to remember this truth again and again.

These photo sessions are another way to deepen and ground into this experience of being a self.

With my guidance you will step in front of my love lens in a sacred and powerful way. This is a unique portrait session and the photos from it will serve you as personal talismans that can inspire and support you in remembering the truth of who you are always, including during the moments in between.

Each of us is wild, this is true – but how our personal flavor of wild expresses is as unique as the color of our eyes… Maybe for you, she is most embodied in a flow-y dress or barefoot or with whiskey or paintbrush in hand, or wearing your favorite jeans and a knowing smile or in savasana or tree pose, or something else entirely.

With me, there is no right or wrong, sacred can be serene or irreverent, loud or delicate, simple or ornate  – it can be leather pants, a suit, nude in the wilderness, a vintage slip in creek water, combat boots or Birkenstocks. Your session may look and feel like a luxe boudoir session or an elaborate portrait session or a stripped down, toes in dirt geographic romance session.

I am here to listen, to witness, to reflect and to support you in excavating how she most wants to be seen.

With me, your most feral, wild, vulnerable self is seen and safe.

If you would like to create a true time capsule of this moment in your life, a gift to both your present and future self, we can combine your photos with words (I will guide you through the writing process) and create a legacy worthy book.

Whether you end up making a book out of your photos or simply keep them on your phone or pinned to your wall… Each glance will remind you of your divinity and your wise wild self.

Sessions begin at $1800 and typically book a two – three months in advance (payment plans available)

“Having my photos taken by Danielle was a life altering experience for me.  I know that sounds big, but it’s the truth. And I don’t speak it lightly. Danielle has a gift of being a divine seer- a talented photographer- but most importantly a gentle and intuitive witness to the human soul being seen. 

She was able to capture a very real me, the me I am at right now in my life rhythm, a place of depth and mystery as well as claiming the power that I behold.  She was able to capture my sensual fierceness as well as my gentle tenderness.  She facilitates in a way that invited me to go into a trance-like state so that it felt like my most personal spiritual practice was being captured.  This is place I don’t often let anybody else see because it is raw, sexy, powerful… and private.

Without being invasive and with the utmost care, Danielle created space for me to explore and reveal these parts of myself, to myself, to see myself in a way that I haven’t been able to see before, a place where my insides were able to radiate out, in such beauty, like a fleshy prayer. She was so present to my process the whole time, yet gave me ample room to explore the territory on my own.

She’s a perfect kind of midwife to being seen. She trusts the unfolding and knows how to capture that in uniqueness and profound light.”

MaryBeth Bonfiglio

“If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don't worry, there is still time”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés
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