Dear Sisters!

I’m thrilled to be returning to COTWS Ghost Ranch this May. What a beautiful opportunity to be able to offer you a Wild Women Healing Photo Session on location – I mean really, we couldn’t ask for a more magical, sacred place to do this meaningful, playful, important work, together.

Come close… Just in case you tend to forget I want to remind you that at our core, we are all whole, healed, wild and magical. When we make time for ourselves, nurture our creative pursuits and join in circle with other women, we get to remember this truth again and again. And for most of us the walk of womanhood is one of ongoing remembering and forgetting – releasing and reclaiming. 

My Wild Woman Healing photo sessions are another way to deepen and ground into this experience, into this truth.

With my guidance, you will step in front of my camera in a sacred and powerful way. This is a unique portrait session and the photos from it will serve you as personal talismans that can inspire and support you in remembering the truth of who you are during the moments in between retreats and gatherings. During the moments we sometimes forget and during the moments we want to take pause and celebrate our magnificence.  They are anchors and touch-points. This is one expression of what self care looks like.

Each of us are wild, this is true – but what our inner wild woman looks like is as unique as the color of our eyes… Maybe for you, she is most embodied in a flowy dress, or barefoot in the dirt, or with whisky or paintbrush in hand, or wearing your favorite jeans and a knowing smile or in savasana or tree pose, or sitting in the middle of the open road with plenty behind you and even more in front of you?

With me, there is no right or wrong way to be woman, to be wild… sacred can be serene or irreverent, loud or delicate, simple or ornate  – it can be leather pants, a power suit, nude in the wilderness, your grandmothers lace tablecloth wrapped around you like a scarf, a vintage slip in creek water or flower crowns and crystal grids. I am hear to listen, to witness, to reflect and to support you in excavating how she most wants to be seen. 

With me, your most feral, wild, vulnerable self is seen and safe. This is my promise to you.This is my work.

You will experience your own deep beauty when you step in front of Danielle’s lens, both in the process of the shoot, and the images themselves. She has a way of deeply seeing the truth of who you are, and she will witness you with profound skill, talent, and artistry while honoring the sacredness of the moment.  I have never felt more seen, safe, and beautiful than when I am in a shoot with Danielle.  And – the resulting photos?  Mind-blowing, every time. – Erin Faith Allen

As of now I have  2 sessions still available on May 16th, 17th or 18th.

These fill up quickly, if you feel the call register now to schedule your session. 

Special Call of the Wild Soul session fee includes the following ::

  • Planning consultation(s) via phone, email or in person with Danielle
  • On location photo shoot on the sacred grounds of Ghost Ranch (or a surrounding location)
  • 1-2 wardrobe changes (there’s no limit really, this is just the range that usually works)
  • Intuitive, encouraging and artful coaching during session
  • Expertly and artfully culled* and edited digital photographs delivered in a personal viewing gallery
  • Final gallery of your selected hi-resolution print and web ready images (yes you can have them all if they all light you up).
  • Usage rights for print and social sharing (if for example you’d like to use your photos for a book cover, that would require a different license which I have available).
  • Entire session archived for one year


Click below to sign up for your spot. Once payment has been received I will reach out to schedule our planning and photo sessions.

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