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my lens is my medicine

and our photos call forth your medicine

I am a photographer. My lens is my medicine.

And our work together is about bringing more of your medicine into the world.

I work with entrepreneurs getting visible and answering their calling.

I work with couples at a pivotal moment in their relationship (not only at moments of celebration, like engagements; but also in seasons of challenge when you’re emerging from the tunnel or want to be).

I work with women I call “Women of Conviction” at healing, transformative, bridge moments in their lives.

That’s the perhaps counterintuitive thing about my work: even when it’s a functional choice – you need photos for your business, for example — my clients tell me the session is not just a photo shoot. It’s transformative, integrative experience. Healing.


That’s because I come to our session as more than a professional photographer. I come with a lifetime of healing experience.

Before immersing myself in professional photography I worked as a doula, a massage therapist and a nutritional coach.

I have always been able to note tension and discomfort – physical, emotional – and hold the space for you.

I have always felt called to call forth possibility.

That’s what I do in our photo sessions, and it’s also what I do in my healing workshops and courses.

  • Be Seen. October 15, 2017 in Costa Mesa, California. A super sweet, day long retreat. Explore your identity through guided, intuitive photography and creativity exercises so that you can experience more of who you really are.
  • Behold.  September 18th, 2017 Online Immersion. An online course teaching you how to calm your nervous system through a practice of beauty so that you can be more present, more powerful and more effective.

As with my photography, my courses and retreats are medicine. They’re designed as a support system for Women of Conviction. We learn ways to seek and document beauty; use these daily practices to calm our central nervous systems; heal the fractures our culture inflicts on our body and self images; and grow into our callings.

My photo sessions, my images of you, our course work and retreats together: they’re meant to be medicine.

They’re meant to fortify you and free you.

As I say over and over again, like a mantra: I don’t capture images of you, I liberate them.

I photograph people – entrepreneurs, couples, women-of-conviction — calling forth their medicine.

I work with seekers and self-actualizers to build daily practices that mediate stress and overwhelm, heal our culturally-implanted beauty wounds, and grow us into the Women of Conviction we were born to be.

So that you can be seen, so that your work can be found, so that your calling can be answered.

Medicine. Mine for you, and yours for the world.

Let us begin.

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