He says it more and more these days. “I think I’m dying.” or “It’s not easy getting old.” but his more and more is still pretty seldom. He’s strong, adaptable and just such a good man.

Heart disease has taken so many pleasures from him and he just keeps adapting. 10 years ago you would’ve never seen him with a book. Uber physical and far to fast moving to sit still that long. Now… You’ll never see him without one. And lately as his mind craves oxygen and tends to be forgetful and cloudy, he’s added a new layer to his adapting. He makes notes. He sat next to me telling me with a mildly frustrated, equally proud tone that he had read 200 pages into this book and forgotten everything.

His answer to this incredibly frustrating scenario? Start over, write down all the characters names, main points and carry on.

He is so solid. And I love him.

So this photo… Taken while he chatted, isn’t perfect. And won’t mean much to many. But for me, it tells a story a story of truth and fortitude and hero thinking.

So please… Take the pictures that matter to you, document your life or have someone come in and be witness to the beauty of your family for the day. These stories are precious.


~ Danielle

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