The Vocati Sessions

This crazy, messy, gorgeous life. This life that you created. This life you dreamt about for years, but could’ve never imagined what it was really going to be like. This life that can be so overwhelming, consuming, and if we’re honest – a helluva lot of work! This life and all of its simple complexities, fleeting moments, and precious milestones.

This life is the life of your heart. 

Whatever other work you do in the world, your legacy will always be about this life.  I’ve been a mama for more than two decades, and with four babes living at home, I’m still very much in the trenches.

I get it.

The messy sink, the piles of laundry… the piles of shoes… the piles of art… the piles of tears… the oh-my-god-i’ve-never-been-so-happy-blessed-frustrated-grief-stricken-joy-filled-pull-my-hair-out-at-my-wits-end-empowered – all in the same breath moments. 
Motherhood. Parenthood. Family life.

There is NOTHING like it.

No matter what phase you’re in with your family, I guarantee you that it’s beautiful.

Even if – you still have the “baby weight”, or the peri-menopause shape and skin changes

Even if – your house is a wreck, you’re a single parent, or your teenagers are going through individuating that feels like tug-o-war and leaves you feeling whiplashed and exhausted (otherwise known as “they hate that they still need you”).

Even if – you haven’t washed your hair in a week, your clothes are stained with milk (and who knows what else), and you haven’t been to the gym since last year.

I promise you, your future-self wants to see all of it.

Just as it is. Imperfectly perfect.

True and present and made unforgettable

Because the reality is we do forget. 

My family photo sessions capture a slice of your *right now*

… of your Best Life.

The photos we will make are placeholders for your stories… your memories… your lives. 

They are the visual proof of your beautiful, imperfectly-perfect world.

Because these moments? They’re far too fleeting and entirely worthy of

being remembered, exactly as they are.

Process and Pricing

There is a rhythm to my approach but each session, like your family, is unique and will have its own pace and unfolding.

Before our session, you and I will meet (either by phone or in person) and get to know each other, become fast friends, and together will create a shared vision for your session. Dreaming up what it is you most want to document *right now*.

On the day of our session, I will spend (somewhere around) 2 hours with you and your family capturing unposed, real-life, every day, extraordinary happenings between you and the ones you love most.

My goal is to spend enough time with you that everyone is able to get comfortable with having a camera in the room, and just be themselves. This is where the beauty lives.

Sometimes we will feel complete at the 1-hour mark and other times we may go slightly over 2-hours. My fee isn’t charged by the hour because it’s important to me that I am able to be fully present and not watching the clock, and that you are able to take the time you need to be your own beautiful selves.

After our session (within 2-3 weeks) we will get together (in person or on a video call) so that I can reveal your photos to you via a beautiful online gallery (this is one of my favorite parts, like watching someone you love open that gift you’ve been dying to give them)!!

Once you have your gallery you will choose which prints or digital file collection you would like to purchase and I will get to work on creating them for you.

Smiles, memories, and celebration all around!

Session Fee $500

Session fee is for Danielle’s time and talent to capture the images on the day of the session, and to reserve your date. Approximately 2-3 weeks after the session, you will be presented with a beautiful online gallery from which to make your purchase decisions. Prints, products, and digital files are sold separately.

Most customers purchase one of the packages listed below:::

Collection 1

Beautiful, archival quality coffee table book filled with various images from your session, curated and designed by Danielle.


Collection 2

The entire gallery of fully edited, high resolution, digital files and a print release for personal use.


Collection 3

Both the coffee table book from the first collection and the digital files from the second collection.


Individual prints and digital files are available starting at $50.

Custom greeting cards, specialty prints, and other products are also available upon request.

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