I help people access the power of their own authentic beauty.

Humans of conviction. Queens of their domain. Beauties brazen enough to bare their truth. Mamas, young adults, artists, healers, lovers, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all modalities and mediums.

Danielle Cohen Bio PhotoPeople who know that authenticity? It’s the ultimate allure. That true beauty makes the best branding. And that self-expression is self-care.

Being seen is powerful medicine.

That’s why I capture photos where you look like you, and no one else.

Because in a world super-saturated with nipping and tucking, airbrushing, and turning people into brands, the real you stands out like a much needed lighthouse, lighting the way for your clients + collaborators, your community + co-conspirators, your friends + family, your lover, your children, and (yes) even that dreaming-vulnerable part of yourself who’s been aching for someone to remind her just how brilliant she is.

My calling is seeing your calling + reflecting it back to you. To the world. To the people who need it.

Photos can stoke the fires of our purpose. They can invoke our ideal clients + collaborators. They can remind us of the beauty all around us … and deep within us.

This matters. That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do.

My medium? Photography. My mission? Magic.

I love when you walk away from a photography session with more than “holy shit gorgeous” images … but an experience that will nourish you and your work-in-the-world for years to come.

And that? Takes more than making you look legit and well-lit.

I’m equal parts artist + healer + branding maven.

My background in the healing arts helps me create a safe space (sometimes edging into the sacred) so you can let your guard down and let the true you shine through.

You also get the benefit of my years of experience in corporate art direction, brand consulting, and design. Because truly phenomenal images are as strategically relevant as they are beautiful.

And then there’s my camera. I’ve had a love affair with photography for most of my life, and I’m delighted to direct my lens towards beautiful forces for good in the world (and you better believe that includes you).

I believe …

  • You are so much more than a brand.
  • The world needs your medicine.
  • Being seen empowers you to serve more people.
  • Paradox is beautiful (the *both and* is where it’s at).
  • All creative impulses are worthy.
  • Pleasure, laugher, dance, and art making help us thrive.
  • Bodies are meant to transform. Change is celebration-worthy.
  • Learning to meet your own gaze will change your life.
  • Beauty is life’s message of hope.
  • Your body, face, and life are worthy of being documented (yes, right now) exactly as they are this moment.
  • Beauty is so much larger than the narrow, contrived box we’ve been sold.
  • We are more powerful, more beautiful, more ready than we probably realize.

Now more than ever, we are the history-makers.

With every blog post, every Instagram story and newsletter, every time we put our words and photos *out there* we are writing the stories of right now.

We are the storytellers. And we have the power to change the story of what it means to look beautiful, sexy, powerful.

This may be the greatest gift of the digital world. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

Our work together calls forth your medicine. 

It’s my honor to document this wild, worthy, fleeting, messy, ferocious life with you.

Official Bio

Danielle Cohen is a deeply devoted mama, and a professional photographer with a unique talent for helping others see and understand themselves. Spanning two decades, her career includes work as a doula, a teacher, a business consultant, publisher, and art director. Photography has been her constant — weaving her worlds together and reflecting the profound beauty she sees through her lens. Known for her keen insights, potent intuition, and her intimate approach to photography, Danielle’s work has been featured in magazines (Amulet Magazine, Life Coach School, Digital Photography), on book covers (Milk + Honey, The Art of Money, Sex After Trauma), as well as in prominent websites, marketing campaigns, and e-courses.

When she isn’t traveling to meet her clients and students, you’ll find her and her family in Southern California enjoying the sand, the waves and the sunshine. Now more than ever, Danielle finds photography and writing to be powerful mediums for facilitating full-out self-expression, personal transformation, discovering our medicine, and sharing it with the world.

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