my lens is my medicine


and our work together calls forth your medicine

I am a photographer and to me, that means being a holy witness.

My work is about receiving the truth and beauty I see and reflecting it back to you. To the world. To the people who need it.

Our work together is about bringing more of your medicine into the world.

Being visible is how people find you, know you.

Being willing to be noticed and known is how you signal your message so it can be received.

It’s a gift.

It can be a healing experience.

My clients tell me it’s not just a photo shoot. It’s transformative, integrative. Healing.

I have always passionately pursued the healing arts.

Before immersing myself in professional photography I worked as a doula (I see our bodies as mysterious, magical and absolutely holy); a nutritional coach; a massage therapist, and bodyworker; and as a childbirth educator.

Calling forth possibility – and documenting it, communicating it — was also my work as a corporate art director, an intuitive brand & business consultant, an Applied Photo-Journalism high school teacher, and as a magazine co-creatrix and publisher.

It’s what I do as a photographer and holy witness, with you.

It’s perhaps counterintuitive to expect medicine, magic, and healing from personal and business photography.  Many of us experience anticipatory discomfort – anxiety even when we’re getting ready for photoshoots (usually mixed with a healthy dose of sometimes secret excitement). For most of us being photographed is not how we spend most of our time or a skill we cultivate, so it can be unfamiliar and awkward. And because we’re raised in a culture that venerates contrived, narrow femininity, no matter what our gender, being seen in this way can bring us face-to-face with the unfair injuries we’ve internalized.

And yet.

And yet my clients get the photos they’re seeking and have transformative, healing experiences in our sessions together.

We co-create the photos you need for the next step in your business, your relationship, your life…

and in our time together you find healing, integration, and fortification.

I witness you. I know you. I use the healing skills I developed as a doula and a consultant and a practitioner of healing arts to help you observe the discomfort and stretch to accommodate it and transcend it – and that experience is magic.


We document the depths of your capacity and it’s always beautiful and magnificent.

And so you leave your photo session – a photo session!! – with a more holistic awareness and radical acceptance of yourself.

That’s powerful. That’s power.

You carry that power and extend that grace to yourself as you step into your next chapter.

You may or may not share the photos with the world.

But you will share your magic.


That’s our work, together.

I work with entrepreneurs answering a calling.

I work with couples at a pivotal moment in their relationship (not only at moments of celebration, like engagements; but also in seasons of challenge and mundane when you’re emerging from the tunnel or want to).

I work with women of conviction at healing, transformative moments — when you’ve already decided to radically accept all of yourself and you’re seeking a holy experience to mark it, anchor it, meet it. Meet yourself, fully.

I don’t capture images of you, I liberate them.

That’s why I believe being a photographer is being a holy witness.

From person to person, and couple to couple, you’ll notice that my photos often look very different from each other.

That’s because I don’t impose my style on you. I don’t turn you into a character or a clone. You aren’t material in the story I’m telling.

YOU are the story.

I see you. YOU are my aesthetic.

In your photos, you will look like yourself, and no one else.

So that you can be seen and known for yourself.

So that your work, your love, your mission can emerge into the world.

I photograph people – entrepreneurs, couples, women-of-conviction — calling forth their medicine.

I photograph you.

Let us begin.





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