i’m a big believer in both and, in gray areas, and in this and that. yet there are some things i do know for sure, a handful of absolutes that i like to remember:

you contain multitudes – you are bigger than a brand, more than a business, and your work matters

someone needs to hear what you have to say — someone needs the medicine you make

when we allow ourselves to be seen, people can find us. when people can find us, we have the opportunity to make their lives better.

all creative impulses and pursuits are worthy – your work doesn’t have to be easy to explain, obvious or fit inside a particular box or title in order to be valuable

now more than ever we are the history makers, every social media post, every newsletter, every time we take our words or photos or both and put them *out there* we are writing the stories of right now. you have the opportunity to change the narrative around what it means to look beautiful, sexy, powerful, real.

learning to meet your own gaze and find love there usually takes practice and will change your life dramatically. a healthy photo session is one way to nurture this practice

it’s safe for you to explore and express all of you in front of my lens. our work together calls forth your medicine.


I am Danielle.


I am a photographer and to me, that means being a holy witness. I work with entrepreneurs answering their calling. I work with women of conviction at healing, transformative moments in their lives. My work is about receiving the truth and beauty I see and reflecting it back to you. To the world. To the people who need it.


YOU are the story.

YOU are the aesthetic.

In your photos, you will look like yourself, and no one else.

You will be seen.


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