Who I am ::

I am a layered women, multi-passionate and multi-faceted or maybe as my mother likes to put it… complex!

I am a mama of four babes – three beautiful sons that are in varying stages of adolescence and young adulthood and a brilliant little girl who’s in the first grade. I am devoted to my own healing and to my part in healing the communities and systems I live in, as well as in my own creative expression and vocational pursuits – in hopes that my children will also find the courage and freedom to show up in this world wholeheartedly and completely.

I am a seeker and a seer – meaningful conversation, beauty, music, play and nature are central themes in our home and in my life. Food, cooking and eating together are some of the ways we worship. Geographic romances are one of the ways I refuel.

As a photographer my style is both intimate and voyeuristic. I see myself as a documentarian of the art of life that happens around me. This is true whether I am photographing a lovers session or a social justice event.

To me, you are art and I am an honored witness.

Things I do ::

I offer photography sessions for beautiful humans beings {like you}. The sessions themselves are healing, transformative and a whole lot of a good time. They also result in images that will serve to elevate your brand, see the true beauty that you are, heal body image wounds, fall in back in love with your life and live more fully embodied.

I offer workshops that empower you to create and express through images and words.

I share musings, recipes, and my own life lessons on my blog, Instagram and occasionally through my newsletter, I’d love to see you there.

Mostly, I help people see and remember the truth of who they are.

I believe:

The way we see ourselves and others directly effects the way we treat ourselves and others.

Being seen really means being gotten and being gotten really means being known and being known really means being loved.

That the divine spark that shines so brightly in babes and littles and makes everyone who lays eyes on them smile with delight is still in us and equally bright at 30,40,50, 80 and beyond {it isn’t dimmed by wrinkles or “extra” pounds either}.

Our lives our loves and our stories are worth documenting.

Photography is it’s own kind of potent magic and can change our lives in incredible ways.

Sometimes we forget who we really are and the right photograph can take us back to her.

Our bodies are always worthy of being seen.

There is profound beauty in both shadow and light.

It’s possible to be totally naked with your clothes on.

Being able to hold your own gaze is a key part of self love.

You can feel safe in front of my lens.





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Beauty matters.


Beauty is life's mating call. Every sunset, every abalone shell, every time we witness a tender glance between beloveds, she invites us to lean in, be taken over, come fully present to this moment right here.

Beauty is all around us. Don't miss her.

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