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The world needs you. Exactly as you are. Right now.

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Imperfect and striving. 

Committed to excellence and willing to get it wrong.

Plowing forward full stop and working at a healthy pace because you know.

I’m Danielle and I help successful creative entrepreneurs, artists, life coaches, and healers, spread the word about their work and offerings by making photos that tell the truth about who they are and what they’re up to.

Photos that capture you, looking like you and no one else. 

Because in a world super-saturated with photographs that tell stories designed to press on pain points, the real you stands out like a much-needed beacon, lighting the way for your clients + collaborators, your community + co-conspirators, and (yes) maybe most importantly for that vulnerable part of yourself who aches to see just how beautiful and valuable she absolutely is.

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My ‘thing’ is helping people access their authentic power.

That’s been the constant thread throughout my life - as a healer and doula; as an art director,  brand + business consultant; and above all, as a photographer. 

I love being a photographer. I love LOVE the people I work with.

These incredible humans doing good work - they’re true magic. I am inspired and lifted up by each and everyone of them, and when I do this work I am always reminded of the beauty, power, and bravery found in being willing to take up space in the world and Be Seen.

My calling is seeing your calling + reflecting it back to you.

Oh, and the Joy… the deep, soul-igniting Joy that is so generously available to all of us when we see ourselves in our fullness. When we connect with our own honest beauty.

My hope is that you too will let yourself truly Be Seen, that you will choose to regard yourself with the same radical love that you offer to so many, and that you will courageously step into the fullest expression of your calling.

I guarantee you the world needs you. 

When I came to Danielle for a branding session, I was not comfortable in front of the camera at all. But I knew that having professional photos for my marketing materials would help me reach my business goals, and I knew this could be a confidence-building exercise for me personally, as well. The photos Danielle took of me were stunning, and after our session I had such a burst of creative energy that I outlined a brand-new offering for my business within 24 hours. Hire her if you want to be seen in a supportive way and get gorgeous images that help you to connect with your clients and customers.
— Anna Ottman

Official Biography

Danielle Cohen is a professional photographer, writer, and educator with a unique talent for helping others see and celebrate themselves. Spanning two decades, her career includes work as a doula, teacher, business consultant, publisher, and art director. Photography has been her constant — weaving her worlds together and reflecting the profound beauty she sees through her lens. Known for her keen insights, potent intuition, and her intimate approach to photography, Danielle’s work has been featured in magazines (Amulet Magazine, Life Coach School, Digital Photography), on book covers (Milk + Honey, The Art of Money, Sex After Trauma), as well as in prominent websites, marketing campaigns, and e-courses.