You are so much more than a Brand.
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The right images speak a thousand glorious words.

Brand photography done right stirs emotion & inspires action.

Like signing up for your New Awesome Thing.

Or writing you an “I knew instantly you were the one” email. 

Or sharing your latest blog post.

And they’ve got about 2.7 seconds to pull that off.

That’s why your nephew might not be qualified (though he’s awfully sweet to offer).

That’s why the photos you took 2 years ago can’t leverage you to the next stage.

And that’s why having a photographer who doesn’t just make you look good — but makes you look like YOU — is so crucial.


Vocati sessions are comprehensive photo & visibility sessions that will reveal what a force you truly are. 

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Your work is imbued with passion, devotion and vision. Your brand is the answer to the call you feel in your bones. Your business is the answer to the ache of your community, your clients, your audience. 

You approach your work with as much grit as grace, with as much all-in-get-it-doneness as sustainable self care.

You’re not messin’ around (except of course when you are - because fun is mandatory).

It’s essential that the images and words you use to tell the world about your work are potent, are in alignment with your values, and are totally effective. 

The results of your Vocati session are captivating photographs that serve as beacons, guiding the way for the folks you’re meant to help so they can take the next step in working with you. 

And here’s the thing, the work we do together doesn’t just level-up your business, it opens the door to seeing yourself in a whole new powerful way. 

Imagine being excited about photo session day, wanting to share images of you with the world, catching your own gaze in your photos or reflection and loving more and more deeply what you see there. 


I believe photo sessions can feel like healing rites of passage.

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I love creating space for you to truly shine.

Photography is more than snapshots to me. It’s my way of helping people that are doing good in the world have bigger, more potent impact.

Because, my goodness, do we need you.

By the way? These photos aren’t just for your clients and audience. They’re first and foremost for you.

Because truly great brand photos uplift you every time you see them. They reflect your true self in all her honest beauty and goodness, right back atcha. 

They affirm what you’re doing in the world, fortify your reserves, and inspire you to take those next steps in your calling.



Branding photography to help you see, maybe for the first time, your truest, fullest brilliance.

Vocati Sessions are my signature offering: 3 hours of fun, productive, and deeply nourishing time, making powerful images for you and your work. I’ll create a safe space for you, handle the details, and guide you through the whole process. Your job? Show up and be willing to be completely and utterly you.

Booking your Vocati session is one of the smartest, kindest things you can do for yourself and your business.


the vocati experience


1. In-depth Strategic Planning Session

We’ll talk about everything from your vision to your vibe, about who you are, where you’re going, and how you feel when you’re lit up from the inside-out. We’re not just planning a photoshoot; we’re devising a powerful strategy that will set the scene for the beautiful legacy you’re here to create.


2. Preparation Guidebook

The lead-up to your photoshoot is essentially an opportunity to love the shit out of yourself. I’ll give you a gorgeous, lovingly written guidebook that’s filled with practical tips to help you look and feel fabulous on our big day.


3. Guided Photoshoot + Expert Hair & Make-Up

Let’s just agree right now - you are magic in a body and every photo we make is going to be gorgeous because YOU are in it. And, when you get to just show up and let me & my team of talent take full care of you, it creates a whole other level of embodied confidence. I’ll help you root into the moment, find your natural way around the camera, and relax into the sweet, sexy vulnerability of Showing Up.


4. Your Library of Custom Images

Within 2 weeks of our session, you’ll receive a stunning library of 100+ hi-res images that reveal you in your truest, most brilliant light. Use them across your website, social media, digital ads, and other vital assets. The goal? To get you posting, publishing, and launching with power and pride — for a very long time.


5. Follow-up call

I really do believe this photoshoot can be a game-changer for you and your business (I’ve seen it happen again and again). We’ll schedule a call up to 6 months after our session so that I can support you in maximizing the impact of your photos and enhancing your visibility. When I say I’ve got you covered, I actually mean it.


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