Be seen session ::: Jivan Jackson

In the realm of work, He's a fitness expert, entrepreneur, referee, and model. Photographers pay him so they can make photos with him as their subject, people follow him so they can be fed bits of motivation and inspiration, brands hire him to wear their products, his body is chiseled, powerful and strong - the ideal platform to sell something.

But of course, he’s so much more than that.

He is also a friend, a son, a brother and a giver of his time and talents to good causes. He's funny and quirky, educated and thought-filled and a huge Monk fan.

He maneuvers with grace and with a sort of delicate gesture that turns out to be the perfect juxtaposition to his obvious strength. Our session was for no reason, it was entirely purpose-less and meaningful.

It was an opportunity to play and share stories and step out of comfort zones and into the sand. Jivan Jackson, you are brilliant, I’m so glad to know you.