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“Danielle - you capture peoples' spirits like no one I've ever met. You add so much Beauty to the world.”

“Why do I love Danielle Cohen? Oh, let me count the ways... She's kind. She's patient. She knows how to make you feel incredibly relaxed in front of the camera. She captures magical, subtle moments. Her photos never look cheesy or posed. I just LOVE this woman. Her work is always stunning.

That's why I keep hiring her again and again. I've hired Danielle for professional head shots, for product/book photos, for a family session, for event photography, and yes, even a sexy boudoir photoshoot. I can't recommend Danielle highly enough. Hire her. You'll be so glad you did.”

Alexandra Franzen - Writer, author, teacher

Theresa Reed tarot lady brand photography by danielle cohen

“My experience with Danielle Cohen changed my life.”

"Let me start out by saying this: I am not a good photography subject. I am uncomfortable in front of the camera and highly critical of my appearance. Sitting for a photo session is pretty much my least favorite thing in the world - and I’m lucky if I get one decent shot.  But my experience with Danielle Cohen changed my life. I felt instantly at ease when I walked into our session. I knew I was in skilled hands immediately.  

With her gentle guidance, I was relaxing for the first time in front of the camera - ever.  The results? Stunning. She captured my real spirit in every single shot. I had TOO many pictures to choose from!  If you are looking for a sensitive photographer who will bring out your best, this is your woman."  

Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady


“The photos are extraordinary. I love seeing myself through her art.”

“Danielle Cohen creates gorgeous photos. But more importantly she makes the entire experience enjoyable.  She knows how to make you relaxed and comfortable so the photos capture who you are and not just what you look like. She is a true artist. I highly recommend Danielle as a professional and as a person. Spending time with her is a gift.”

“The photos she takes are extraordinary. I love seeing myself through her art. We laughed all day. And laughs don’t look like most perfect Instagram poses. But they are so fantastic in their imperfectness. Danielle loves her photos of me. And that is something to behold.”

Brooke Castillo - author, founder the life coach school

brand business photography for entrepreneurs

“Her photos help me make a greater impact in the world.”

“If your site and brand are going to succeed, you absolutely need photos of you that show you being you. Photos that let your natural, innate "you-ness" shine through. There is only one photographer I've worked with who somehow manages to capture me in that way: Danielle Cohen. 

Camera lenses pointing at me tend to make me nervous. Yet somehow, when Danielle is behind the lens doing a shoot with me, I'm completely at ease. When she creates her magic, the result is that people get to feel the true part of me coming through on my website and emails. I make more sales, which allows me to not only make a good living, but also make a greater impact in the world. 

That's the power of a really good photographer who has mastered their craft.”

forest linden

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“Danielle has a gift of being a divine seer - a gentle and intuitive witness to the human soul being seen.”

“Danielle Cohen takes amazing photos - but more than that - she offers profound experiences with her sessions. My photo session with her was almost otherworldly, and I felt like I was in an altered state, the state of my rawest, quietest, most open self. She captured me in the essence of my ease and sublimity - the place I often try and bring myself back to when I need to remember what I’m made of.

Danielle created space for me to explore and reveal these parts of myself, to myself, to see myself in a way that I haven’t been able to see before. She’s a perfect kind of midwife to being seen. She trusts the unfolding and knows how to capture that in uniqueness and profound light.”

MaryBeth BonfigliO, writer

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“She creates images that are holy, beautiful and astonishingly alive.”

“I adore Danielle Cohen’s work ~ she captures the true soul of each of her subjects cornering your heart with a one two punch. There is something so wonderfully subtle and pure about the way that Danielle uses her lens ~ you can tell she absolutely ‘sees’  her subjects and feels a genuine calling to capture their unique essence and summon it into the light. 

Having had the honor to be captured by her poetic eye I can attest to the graceful way she made me feel wonderfully at ease.  Danielle is playful and intuitive and pours herself into a connection with everyone that crosses her path creating images that are holy, beautiful and astonishingly alive.”

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“Good photos are a visual testament to my role within my community.”

“Danielle Cohen has taken the beautiful photos you see on my website. There are many amazing photographers to work with but Danielle is who I work with consistently. I felt that having professional photos was such a luxury and not really that important for the longest time.

Last May, when I met up with Danielle in Santa Fe and we had an hours long photo shoot, I realized how essential having some good photos is – not for marketing or for social media – although they help – but for me, for reflection, for a visual testament to my role within my greater community.”


erin faith allen branding photography by danielle cohen

“Danielle has a way of seeing the truth of who you are. The results? Mind-blowing every time.”

“You will experience your own deep beauty when you step in front of Danielle’s lens. It’s like alchemical fire. She has a way of seeing the truth of who you are. And I step away a brighter, better, stronger version of myself. What kind of magic is this? Only the best kind.”

ERIN faith allen, artist & guide

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“After our session I had such a burst of creative energy.”

“When I came to Danielle for a branding session, I was not comfortable in front of the camera at all. But I knew that having professional photos for my marketing materials would help me reach my business goals, and I knew this could be a confidence-building exercise for me personally, as well.

The photos Danielle took of me were stunning, and after our session I had such a burst of creative energy that I outlined a brand-new offering for my business within 24 hours. Hire her if you want to be seen in a supportive way and get gorgeous images that help you to connect with your clients and customers.”


“Oh my god, you are a ROCKSTAR of the highest order!”

“I had the pleasure of working with Danielle for the first time recently, and I can't say enough good things about the experience. We only had a couple hours, and Danielle brought the perfect balance of ease, confidence, professionalism, and leadership to the shoot. Her photos from that session, became the visual backbone for my new e-course, and I can't wait to work with her again!”