New Decade.New Website. New Photos. Alexandra Franzen.


Early this fall I had the pleasure of working with the crazy talented and oh so beautiful Alexandra Franzen again.

This time there was more clothing involved but just as much power. Alex has a way of showing up so wholeheartedly that everything she touches, writes and says glimmers with love and aliveness. I truly could gush for days.

Here are a few images from our session... See what I mean? She shimmers!

Speaking of shimmer, she did an interview for us as part of our Gold series over at Amulet. I think you'll really love what she has to say about her process with self worth.

While you're over there be sure to take a look at our upcoming course all about this totally essential topic of self worth. It's called Gold and we made it with you in mind. You can find out about it here.


~ Danielle