*Twisted Whimsy* Beautiful Fall Jewelry ~ Umbra


When my beautiful and oh so talented friend Joanna Otten asked if I would set up a shoot for her upcoming fall line, my yes couldn't have been more clear.

Joanna's work is imbued with divine femininity. You know that place in you where the warrioress and goddess meet? That's the place these pieces are birthed from. At once alluring and empowering.  

Much like the artist herself. Enough of my gushing… See for yourself :-)

What prompted you to make jewelry? Are you self-taught? Tell me everything!

As a vegetarian for over 11 years I discovered it was hard to find fashionable, high quality, non-leather and cruelty-free accessories, so I started making my own. I’ve taken a few workshops and classes at the local art school but am mainly self-taught. A lot of trial and error and stepping through the fear, just diving in and trying.

Do you have a favorite playlist or artist that puts you in the creative mood?

Music is so amazing, it can have me dancing in my kitchen one second and crying my eyes out the next. I love songs with soul touching lyrics and bass that alters your heartbeat. I’m all over hozier these days, love literally every song. I also play Blitzen Trapper on loop, I heart Ben Harper, Beck, have a huge crush on Trent Reznor and Maynard Keenan.

Do you have a daily practice that helps you tap in to your creativity? You're so prolific, how do you keep the ideas flowing?

I always start my day with my cup of coffee, sitting in my backyard with my dogs, listening to what the universe has to say and filling my heart with gratitude. I run 3-5 miles daily and that is my meditation. When my mind quiets, my eyes open to the shapes and colors all around.

Are there any other projects you're really excited about right now?

Super stoked to be launching the new collection Umbra in the coming weeks. As we turn the wheel to darker months it’s muse was the winter moon and our shadow self. I also create a calendar every year, 2015 will be available soon and is light and fun and full of uplifting words.

Whether a SAHM, full time working woman or anything in-between, we're all aware of our self-care these days. How do you take care of yourself while balancing a day job and your art/personal business?

This one is so tough, life likes to throw those curve balls! Making sure I schedule time for a run each day has been my savior lately.  I have a short yoga sequence I try to do each night to remind myself to come back to center and ground. Being outside in the sun always makes me feel better and time with my nephews for some yummy hugs and laughs is a must.

To learn more about Joanna and her beautiful creations you can visit her here.

Extra Special thanks to my beautiful friends

Emma Goodman

 {make-up artist} And Dacia van Meerveld {model}.