we go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong.... part 1 {blanket day and senior photos}


The last couple of weeks I've been happily immersed in field trips and festivals. The sweet, bright, effervescent energy that only the last days of the school year can bring is totally contagious and I'm feeling beyond blessed to have been able to witness these moments.

The Waldorf School of Orange County is somewhat of its own little micro-universe made up of inspired education, community connection,  fully alive learning and an aesthetic that is at once calming and energizing {not to mention, totally beautiful}.

I could go on and on gushing about the faculty, the teachers, the students and the on-goings but instead I'll show you... I think you'll get what I mean....Blanket Day :: {a day devoted to making blankets for the Joyful Foundation a beautiful organization that provides, warm, comforting and uplifting blankets for those enduring lengthy medical treatments such as chemo therapy and infusion.

The entire high school spends the day at various "stations" creating these blankets and beautiful greeting cards to go with them. You can learn more about the Joyful Foundation here.

I also got to spend a lovely sunset with the class of 2015... a pretty amazing and beautiful bunch.How sweet was that??! Next we're going to the beach! Click here to have a look.

PS.Time really does fly and so often as our kids get older we tend to take less photos of them and with them... If you're interested in scheduling a session for your growing child or your family, I'd love to connect and help you collect some of the precious memories of this chapter in your world.

Reach out to me here, to schedule.

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