What is it you really want?

That’s the question that I’m living into right now, the question that’s informing most of my work.It’s one of my favorite questions that I love to ask my mentoring clients, my photography clients, my children, my husband, my friends… and yes, definitely, myself.

This is a vibrant question, a sexy, essential question.

Why? Because I truly believe our deepest desires are holy and hold the seed to the life we were put here to live. The truth is, so many of us move through the world in a state of chronic dissatisfaction or semi-satisfaction.

Not knowing what we really want. Or afraid our wants may lead us astray {I believe it's just the opposite}. Or just as sad — knowing what we want, except not seeking it, creating it, demanding it or allowing ourselves to have it because on some level we wonder if we’re worth it.

{Spoiler alert: we are}.

It’s tragic.

Here’s what I have recognized in myself:

When I don’t allow myself to have what I really want — things like space, freedom, connection, intimacy, beauty, time in nature, appropriate payment for my services, reliable friends and time with them, sweetness, quality time with my family, deep rest, good meals, creative time, full expression and all the treasures I crave — my life constricts and contracts.

The light in my eyes grows dim. I become exhausted, overwhelmed, and paralyzed. And sometimes I'll start grabbing for surface wants that actually conflict with my true desires. It's a sad cycle.I can’t give people my full attention and my power drains down to zero.

When I don’t allow myself to have what I want, I stop showing up fully for my own life.And when I stop showing up for my own life, I am doing a disservice to myself and the entire world.Why?Because my kids deserve more than a half-lit-up mom. They deserve a luminous mom.

My clients, my friends, my husband, myself… they all deserve the most energized, present, well-fed, powerful version of me.I know this. I really do. Yet… it is so easy to forget.S

o easy to slip back into those old patterns. So easy to let my healthy habits and personal boundaries crumble. So easy to forget that I am precious, valuable and worthy of good, loving care. So easy to forget that when I care for myself, EVERYTHING in my life becomes stronger, brighter, and better.

I suspect you forget these things, too. Most people do. It’s a spiritual epidemic.

That’s why I have joined together with my beautiful, worthy and incredibly talented Amulet partner to create a new program called GOLD.

A 21-day course on practicing and owning your worth.{we've also invited 3 other extremely gifted and wise sisters to share bits of their wisdom and practice in the course}.

If your self care regime could use a lift {or a full on makeover}… if you struggle with knowing you're own worth and staying connected to it, if you find it challenging to protect your time and energy… if you keep forgetting that your body, your time, your life are worth more than gold… this online experience is for you.

The simple act of signing up may feel like self love.

We've put our heart and soul into this program because we know this work is essential and that we are all worth our weight in gold.It begins on March 23rd.

f you feel the tug, sign up today and get ready for GOLD.

Oh yes.You are so worth it.

xo ~


PS. I've started a Gold Spotify playlist… Check back often it's going to grow.

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