ALIVENESS. A photo session with Isabel Abbot.


I first met Isabel a few years ago when she was a contributor for Amulet. I instantly fell in love with her writing and shortly after, with her. We met in the flesh about a year ago. She was going through cancer and wanted to do a photo session that would capture her as she was – full fire, full vigor, playful, vital and totally divine.

Life, not illness. Isabel in full bloom. And now a year later, a year closer in our friendship and completely cancer free…. She once again, flew from frigid Chicago to sunny California and we spent a couple of days together playing on the beach, talking late into the night, circling with beloved sisters and of course, taking photos.

After a quick farewell hug {why drag it out}, I found myself marveling, once again at her spirit and presence. Isabel is a prime example of what it means to actively choose how you want to feel and think — and how you want to be in the world.

The last thing you’ll think if you spend time with Isabel is that she’s been a sick person, a tragedy, a victim. It’s simply not who she is or how she moves through the world. And yet she’s one of the most real women I know, doesn’t sugar coat, doesn’t shrink back from what most may find uncomfortable or even intolerable and fiercely protects her life as a “bullshit free zone.”

What Isabel chooses is to let the world see her light {even in the shadows}, her alive-ness, her strength, her truth.

How do you want to feel? How do you want to be perceived? Which parts of you need to be seen?

Much love,

~ Danielle  

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