{Lovers Session} MaryBeth Bonfiglio + William Dunwoody


When I was little I used to wonder why if my parents loved each other once for even just one day, why they couldn't just do that same thing over and over again. Now as a grown woman who has lived through more than one love relationship, I know how wise and naive that question really is.

It's not always easy to show up for love, to love ourselves, to stay open to our lover. Easy or not I believe that our romantic partnerships when well cared for, are one of {if not the} biggest sources of strength, joy, divine connection, pleasure and deep happiness.

When MaryBeth requested a lovers session, I knew it would be spectacular. This is a couple who is as real and beautiful as any... 17 years, 3 beautiful babes, 1 decision to do it together {made again and again}, countless moves, many career evolutions, dinners, breakfasts and kisses goodnight, day in and day out and tons of  love, love, love.

They are true individuals and totally rooted in their partnership, both artists whose lives are their medium and who's awe and appreciation for one another even in the hard moments is decisively present. Our session mirrored the truth of most all solid relationships... Nothing went as planned, there were challenging moments, deeply touching moments {even I was teary more than once} and gorgeous connection.

In the end what made this session so exquisitely gorgeous? They showed up for their love. Fully. Whole-heartedly. Willing to be seen and have their love reflected back to them.

My hope is that in the sharing of these sessions, we'll all find our selves a little restored, a little more faithfilled and a little more willing to be seen.

P.S. MaryBeth is also a tarot reader and right now {for just a little while} she's offering a lovers throw. Click here to check it out , you can thank me later ;-)

P.P.S I'd love to hear {and see} your love story. If you'd like to book a lovers session, contact me here {plenty of lovers sessions are done fully clothed, it's only your heart that's required to get naked}.PPPSSee below for a little note from MaryBeth about her lovers session.

A note from MaryBeth;"For those who have been down to the trenches and back, who have worked hard and mighty for their love, who have raised children, worked their fingers to the bone, who have made it together through numerous incarnations in the marriage.  For those who have forgotten what their love really looks like, or those who just need a reminder of how glorious their love is.  For those who are not sure, not sure at all.  

And for those who are so sure that they need to be seen in it, fully, wholly, wildly true. After 17 years together, we had never taken the time to open ourselves and our love to be witnessed, we were too busy surviving, raising our daughters, making sure there was the best food and the most comfortable home.  We had gotten so far away from our love affair and what it really looked like, intertwined, that I knew that capturing it somehow was going to help heal and bring new and greater meaning to all the reasons why we love each other and stay together in this.  We had a session with Danielle at such a vulnerable time. 

It was almost a make it or break it moment, in the middle of transition, and not sure what was in store for us. Danielle created sacred, sexy and safe space for us to explore all our emotions- the ones made from the beginning, the falling, the being caught, what comes with making a family together, the feelings of almost giving up and the never wanting to let go.  She invited us to be ourselves, in our most sensual place of love, in our most powerful place of commitment, in our most vulnerable place of being two humans who have come together, in this crazy and wild life, to be seen, as we are. 

It's almost like she was a quiet force in the room, never being obvious, always gently guiding us, and completely building trust by the way she shows up as a witness and space holder.  I will forever cherish that morning that she captured us in our most true and raw form."

~ MaryBeth  

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