Eric & Lindsay {a love story}


Let me introduce you to Lindsay and Eric {and their beautiful little family}. I first connected with Lindsay last year when she sent in her beautiful contribution to Amulet.

I had adored her and her magical tea company from a distance before then and as I got to know her more and more, my adoration turned into deep sister love.

Lindsay's generous, enchanting spirit seems to spill over to her disarmingly and deeply intelligent hubby and their 3 playful and grounded littles.

If you haven't experienced Lindsay's tea magic yet, the timing couldn't be better, her Agony of Leaves Winter membership registration opens November 5th. Having an Agony of Leaves membership will leave your inner child skipping and the most royal part of your grown up self feeling, truly and supremely cared for.

Truly. It's that good over there at Moondog Farm. So on to our most recent session together....We gathered, we ate, we watched ducklings hatch {what??!} talk about divine timing...We laughed and planned and sipped Eric's delicious Porter.

There were dogs, and spiders, spilled ice cream, impromptu soccer games and a total of 5 adults and 9 kids.

Annnnnd we managed to sneak in a mini lovers session with a family twist. And if you ask me {or any one else in my family, it was a perfect evening}. 

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do and if you're ready to book your session, you can reach me here. 



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