october at the beach {dive deep, stay bright}


dear you,today, when the waves come and you know they will, remember you have choices. dive deep, let them wash over you, be enveloped, held, and swayed by them.

ride them like the playground they are, dropping in, standing up, being bold, leaning back, keeping your eyes open. when you see that next one coming, turn around, surrender to it's power, let it move you to shore.

if you must, stand there rigid, stubborn even and let her hit you. feel the force of her taking you down. let your salt mix with hers and be done with the resistance.

whatever you choose, just don't put your board between you and the wave. mother nature always wins and truly, she's on your side. remember this sweet love, timing is everything. if you didn't ride this one the way you wished you had, don't worry, they keep coming.

you are loved.


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